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1-click checkout from any ad
Payments meets advertising
What's the difference between an Ad and a SmartAd
Clicking on an Ad takes one to the site, product page etc. After landing, the user has perform several steps to complete a payment. Clicking on a SmartAd takes the user to final payment confirmation step. They can complete the payment with a single click.
Conventional Ads
Ad conversion
Ads placed
Ads clicked

Clicked ads converted into sales
Ad conversion
Ads placed
Ads clicked
Clicked ads converted into sales
1-click Secure Login
Passwords are tedious, the average login takes 25-30 input actions. Now you can offer 1-click Login anywhere and with 2-factor authentication
No more usernames & passwords. Consumers can now buy from anywhere on the Internet -- on your site, and off your site (banners ads, email, Instagram, Youtube, SMS etc.).
1-click Checkout
Registration is more than just a username and a password. Our AI provides you with the registered user's full profile (name, address, employment history, places lived, age, gender demographics, etc)
1-click Registration
1-click everything!
What was previously tedious is now easy!
Every placed ad is 1-Click Checkout ready
Each SmartAd is an extension of the advertiser's ecommerce platform. SmartAds transform each banner ad into the advertiser's pop-up store
Clicking on an ad lead to a 1-Click Checkout
Customers checkout with 1-click. Payment is processed through the advertiser's existing payment processor
No more usernames and passwords. Customers can pay with 1-click anywhere on the Internet.
Patented security methods. Advertisers can either store card numbers in our free PCI Level 1 vault or continue to use their own vault.
Works everywhere
Checkouts happen on the advertiser's existing payment processor. No apps, no extra registrations required.

Advertisers can now sell securely anywhere on the Internet, without requiring usernames or passwords.
Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX
How it works
Hook up your ecommerce system
Plugins available for popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more.
Bring your own payment processor
No need to change your payment processor. We support all popular payment processors, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Amplify ecommerce on any ad server
We support all popular ad servers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
Smart Catalog
Make your entire product catalog 1-click checkout ready -- from anywhere.
Connect advertiser's product catalog. SmartAd's AI generates creatives of all sizes and embeds 1-click checkout for any ad server.
AI Creative Engine
Over 50 ad-server specific creatives for each product SKU auto generated AI
Turn any ad, social feed, comment or email into a 1-click checkout ready pop-up store. Advertisers can now sell to new and existing consumers on any channel.
1-Click Checkout Ad
Works anywhere without usernames or passwords.
When a consumer clicks a SmartAd they are able to instantly complete a secure checkout. No download or registration required. Works on any device.
Turn ads into 1-click checkout ready stores
1-Click Pay From Facebook
Website click - Desktop
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Website Clicks Mobile
1-Click Pay From Instagram
Website click - Desktop
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Website Clicks
Google Ads
Half page 300x600
300x 250
Half banner 300x250
1-Click LeadGen - Registration Ads
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1-Click Multi-channel - Whatsapp
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