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What is Kachyng Buy?

What is Kachyng Confirm?

Who Uses Kachyng?

Ecommerce & Retail

Turn every ad into a store, and every click a checkout. With Kachyng's one-click checkout, customers can buy directly from an ad, no shopping carts, no frustration. Reduce abandonment and drive higher revenues.

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Card Issuers & Payments

Make previously high-risk payments secure. Patented second factor authentication secures every card transaction, online or in-store. It is the easiest, most secure and scalable solution, It works on every phone, globally, using patented technology not SMS.

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Advertisers & Publishers

A new era in online advertising, one-click checkout ready advertisements. Turn your ad into a store with Kachyng Buy, wherever your ad appears, your customers can buy instantly with one click.

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Enterprise & SAAS

Simplify and secure registration and access to one click. Control access to data with industry leading registration and access control. Turn your user's phone into a completely secure and private key. Control access, improve privacy and security compliance.

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